Catch & Co is catching on!

When Fish Kitchen closed on Annerley Road, Dutton Park, we heard collective moans all across the inner-south. Now we’re excited to announce that Catch & Co has opened its doors and is ready to fulfil your heart’s seafood desires. With a menu of fresh local seafood, fresh and cooked, it’s your one-stop shop for your […]

Oktoberfest Brisbane 2023 is cruising!

OKTOBERFEST AFLOAT With the demise of the massive Oktoberfest celebrations formerly held at the Brisbane Exhibition Grounds for the past 15 years, where on earth can you get your fix of pretzels, wurst and oom-pahpah now? Brisbane Cruises, a family-owned tour operator, is hosting its first Oktoberfest Afloat cruise on Saturday 7th October from 11am […]

All aboard for Oktoberfest 2023 on the Lady Brisbane!

In 2023, the lederhosen and fraulein kleid will be on board the lovely timber vessel, MV Lady Brisbane. Departing from Hamilton, Brisbane, it’s all aboard for 4 hours of fun, oompapah shenanigans and thigh-slapping from the Excelsior Band, and pretzels and wurst flying being enjoyed by all (Yes, we’ll try to get some vego wurst […]

Celebrate Mother’s Day on the Brisbane River

With so many options for celebrating Mum’s special day, have you considered a delightful brunch cruise on board the Lady Brisbane? Depart 9.30am Hamilton at the Recreation Hub Pontoon, and return 12.30pm We offer a glass of welcome bubbles for each guest, complimentary! Then tuck into a fabulous menu devised by our Executive Chef, Carlo, […]

Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht Race – vantage points for the starting gun!

Start of Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht Race

If you’re in Brisbane at Easter time and the spectacle of hundreds of racing yachts is something that rings your bells, then get on board the MV Lady Brisbane and get up close for this annual boating event. Brisbane Cruises, hosts this annual cruise where passengers can enjoy the race from a great position near […]

The stately lady of the Brisbane River – Lady Brisbane.

How many businesses can you think of who have done the same thing for 37 years, expanded, contracted, expanded again, employed 100 people, suffered flood losses, returned to business, pivoted, and all while maintaining timber vessels? Brisbane Cruises Pty Ltd is one such company. Having divested itself of the Kookaburra River Queens who went on […]

World’s first global virtual festival – and it’s a hot one!

Global Chilli Fest is coming! With event organisers all over the globe reeling from the ever-tightening grip of COVID-19-related cancellations, it’s hard to keep a calm head. People all over the world are facing business ruin or, at the very least, extreme hardship, with incomes just vanishing overnight. Amongst this cohort are the small businesses, […]

When poor management becomes bullying.

Recently, a good friend of mine has been experiencing a long stint of being bullied by her two managers in the Public Service. The first manager was acting in a managing position above my friend, who used to manage her. The manager above this person has been wreaking havoc for a few years. Now things […]

Beyond Blue on Blue in Bulimba

Did you know that musicians are 10 times more likely to suffer mental health issues? Did you know that 70% of musicians say that they have suffered from anxiety or depression? The following excerpts from an internet article lay bare the traps of the music industry: “When I was in One Direction,my anxiety issues were huge, […]

Get your chilli on, Brisbane!

Briz Chilli Fest supports Cystic Fibrosis Queensland. As the organiser of Brisbane’s first Chilli Festival – BrizChilli Fest – on Sunday 10th June,2018, I am rapidly discovering a whole new world of culinary quirkiness out there! The festival is a foray into that peculiar and particular gastronomic delight that is the hot chilli pepper. Thanks […]