World’s first global virtual festival – and it’s a hot one!

Global Chilli Fest is coming! With event organisers all over the globe reeling from the ever-tightening grip of COVID-19-related cancellations, it’s hard to keep a calm head. People all over the world are facing business ruin or, at the very least, extreme hardship, with incomes just vanishing overnight. Amongst this cohort are the small businesses, […]

Get your chilli on, Brisbane!

Briz Chilli Fest supports Cystic Fibrosis Queensland. As the organiser of Brisbane’s first Chilli Festival – BrizChilli Fest – on Sunday 10th June,2018, I am rapidly discovering a whole new world of culinary quirkiness out there! The festival is a foray into that peculiar and particular gastronomic delight that is the hot chilli pepper. Thanks […]